Multiplexers(Data Selectors) – 1 MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Multiplexers(Data Selectors) – 1″.

1. Which combinational circuit is renowned for selecting a single input from multiple inputs & directing the binary information to output line?
a) Data Selector
b) Data distributor
c) Both data selector and data distributor
d) DeMultiplexer

2. A digital multiplexer is a combinational circuit that selects ___________
a) One digital information from several sources and transmits the selected one
b) Many digital information and convert them into one
c) Many decimal inputs and transmits the selected information
d) Many decimal outputs and accepts the selected information

3. It is possible for an enable or strobe input to undergo an expansion of two or more MUX ICs to the digital multiplexer with the proficiency of large number of ___________
a) Inputs
b) Outputs
c) Selection lines
d) Enable lines

4. What is a multiplexer?
a) It is a type of decoder which decodes several inputs and gives one output
b) A multiplexer is a device which converts many signals into one
c) It takes one input and results into many output
d) It is a type of encoder which decodes several inputs and gives one output

5. A basic multiplexer principle can be demonstrated through the use of a ___________
a) Single-pole relay
b) DPDT switch
c) Rotary switch
d) Linear stepper

6. One multiplexer can take the place of ___________
a) Several SSI logic gates
b) Combinational logic circuits
c) Several Ex-NOR gates
d) Several SSI logic gates or combinational logic circuits

7. In the given 4-to-1 multiplexer, if c1 = 0 and c0 = 1 then the output M is ___________


a) X0
b) X1
c) X2
d) X3

8. In a multiplexer, the selection of a particular input line is controlled by ___________
a) Data controller
b) Selected lines
c) Logic gates
d) Both data controller and selected lines

9. The enable input is also known as ___________
a) Select input
b) Decoded input
c) Strobe
d) Sink

10. How many select lines would be required for an 8-line-to-1-line multiplexer?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 8
d) 3

11. Which is the major functioning responsibility of the multiplexing combinational circuit?
a) Decoding the binary information
b) Generation of all minterms in an output function with OR-gate
c) Generation of selected path between multiple sources and a single destination
d) Encoding of binary information

12. How many NOT gates are required for the construction of a 4-to-1 multiplexer?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 5

13. If the number of n selected input lines is equal to 2^m then it requires _____ select lines.
a) 2
b) m
c) n
d) 2n

14. What is the function of an enable input on a multiplexer chip?
a) To apply Vcc
b) To connect ground
c) To active the entire chip
d) To active one half of the chip

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