Multiplexing Strategies MCQ’s

This set of Optical Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Multiplexing Strategies”.

1. The practical limitations of the speed of electronic circuits have been pushed towards operational frequencies around ___________
a) 100 MHz
b) 120 MHz
c) 100GHz
d) 80 Hz

2. In CATV, the signal must be received with a carrier to noise ratio of between __________
a) 90 and 100 dB
b) 10 and 30 dB
c) 60 and 70 dB
d) 45 and 55 dB

3. A strategy used for increasing the bitrate of digital optical fiber systems beyond the bandwidth capabilities of the drive electronics is known as ___________
a) Optical time division multiplexing
b) Electrical time division multiplexing
c) Frequency division multiplexing
d) Code division multiplexing

4. What is the full form of ETDM?
a) Electronic tube di-cyclic mechanism
b) Electrical time division multiplexing
c) Emphasis tier division mechanism
d) Electrical tube dielectric medium

5. ____________ semiconductor laser sources provide low duty cycle pulse streams for subsequent time multiplexing.
a) Diameter preferred
b) Mode locked
c) Divine
d) Depletion

6. _____________ provides operation at high transmission rate.
a) Optical intensity modulators
b) Demodulators
c) Circulators
d) Electro-absorption modulators

7. Which of the following techniques is easy to implement?
a) Amplitude shift keying
b) Phase shift keying
c) Frequency shift keying
d) SCM

8. ______________ are the devices which are employed to eliminate the laser chirp.
a) Optical intensity modulators
b) Demodulators
c) Circulators
d) Optical Isolators

9. In __________ the microwave frequency are modulated with an optical carrier and transmitted using a single wavelength channel.
a) Subcarrier multiplexing
b) TDM
c) FDM
d) Code division multiplexing

10. Which of the following is the disadvantage of SCM?
a) Source nonlinearity
b) Linearity
c) Distortion
d) Narrow bandwidth

11. The IF signal can be input to a demodulator to recover the baseband signal.
a) True
b) False

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