Multistage Amplifier MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Multistage Amplifier”.

1. What is the purpose of RC or transformer coupling?
a) To block a.c.
b) To separate bias of one stage from another
c) Increase thermal stability
d) Increase Efficiency

2. Why is RC coupling confined to low power applications?
a) Due to large value of coupling capacitor
b) Low efficiency
c) Large number of components
d) Due to is frequency response

3. The frequency response of transformer coupling is ________
a) Good
b) Very Good
c) Excellent
d) Poor

4. A radio receiver has how many stages of amplification?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) More than one

5. The voltage gain is practically expressed in _______
a) db
b) volts
c) as a number
d) ampere

6. For extremely low frequencies, RC coupling is not used because of ___________
a) There is considerable power loss
b) There is a hum in the output
c) Electrical size of the coupling capacitor
d) Low efficiency

7. Which of the following is an advantage of RC coupling scheme?
a) Good impedance matching
b) Economy
c) High efficiency
d) Frequency response

8. If a three stage amplifier has individual stage gains of 10db, 6db and 15db; then the total gain in db is ______
a) 600db
b) 24db
c) 14db
d) 31db

9. Which transformer is used for impedance matching in transistor coupled amplifier?
a) step-up
b) step-down
c) same turn ratio
d) different turn ratio

10. The total gain of a multistage amplifier is less than the product of the gains of individual stages due to ___________
a) Power loss in the coupling device
b) Loading effect of the next stage
c) The use of many transistors
d) The use of many capacitors

11. Gain of an amplifier usually expressed in db because _______________
a) It is a small unit
b) Calculations become easy
c) Human ear response is logarithmic
d) Gain is reduced

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