Need of Transducers MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Need of Transducers”.

1. Analog signal may be converted into digital signal by ________
a) Filtering
b) Mixing
c) Sampling
d) Transducing

2. Radio waves travel through ________
a) Coaxial Cable
b) Wires
c) Optical fiber cable
d) Electromagnetic waves

3. What is the effect on the transmitted power, if the modulation index changes from 0.8 to 1?
a) 0.1364
b) 0.239
c) 0.5
d) 0.3333

4. USB (Upper Side Band) is the band of frequencies _________
a) below carrier frequency in AM spectrum
b) above the carrier frequency in AM spectrum
c) includes the carrier frequency in AM spectrum
d) is the center frequency

5. Vestigial side band signals are detected by ________
a) PLL detector
b) Ratio detector
c) Square law demodulator
d) Synchronous Detection

6. The amount of frequency deviation in FM signal depends on ________
a) Modulating frequency
b) Modulation Index
c) Amplitude of the modulating signal
d) Carrier frequency

7. Which of the following is AM demodulation techniques?
a) Square law demodulator and Envelope detector
b) Ratio detector and PLL detector
c) PLL detector and Coherent detector
d) PLL detector

8. What is the function of frequency mixer in super heterodyne receiver?
a) Multiplication of incoming signal and the locally generated carrier
b) Addition of incoming signal and the locally generated carrier
c) Amplification
d) Filtering

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