Neural Networks MCQ’s

This set of Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Neural Networks”.

1. The term that describes a user’s participation with a multimedia presentation is __________
a) Hyperactivity
b) Interactivity
c) Inactivity
d) Reactivity

2. Multimedia can contain
a) Graphics, animation, video, music, and voice
b) Only numeric type data
c) Numeric, text, and picture data
d) Databases that turn contain other databases creative massive data collection

3. An essential ingredient for effective multimedia presentations incorporates user participation or __________
a) Links
b) Buttons
c) Interactivity
d) Integration

4. Primary uses of business interactive multimedia include all of the following except
a) Product demonstrations
b) Web page development
c) Entertainment
d) High-quality presentations

5. Clicking on special areas called __________ activates the various features of a multimedia presentation.
a) Activators
b) Starters
c) Pages
d) Buttons

6. The creation of a storyboard is essential to the development of the project. This is the __________ step of development.
a) Planning
b) Designing
c) Creating
d) Supporting

7. The connection between a multimedia presentation and a file containing a song to be played is called a(n) _________
a) Link
b) Chain
c) Pointer
d) Tie

8. When determining the overall objective of the project, the resources required and the persons or team who will work on the project, you are in the __________ step of developing a multimedia presentation.
a) Planning
b) Designing
c) Creating
d) Supporting

9. Errors are identified and the presentation is evaluated in terms of effectiveness in the __________ step.
a) Planning
b) Designing
c) Creating
d) Supporting

10. Before building a presentation with a multimedia authoring system, the designer would use a _________
a) Flowchart
b) Hypermedia database
c) Button file
d) Storyboard

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