Noise for AM Wave MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Noise for AM Wave”.

1. Which one of the following circuits could not demodulate SSB?
a) Phase Shift Method
b) Filter Method
c) Weaver Demodulator
d) Phase discriminator

2. Which of the following statement is true about a radio detector?
a) the linearity is worse than in phase discriminator
b) there is stabilization against signal strength variations
c) the final output is twice of that obtainable from a similar phase discriminator
d) the circuit is same as in a discriminator, except that the diodes are reversed.

3. The image frequency of a superheterodyne receiver ___________
a) is created within the receiver itself
b) is due to insufficient adjacent channel rejection
c) is not rejected by the IF tuned circuits
d) is independent of the frequency to which the receiver is tuned

4. To prevent overloading of the IF amplifier in a receiver, one should use _________
a) squelch
b) variable selectivity
c) double conversion
d) variable sensitivity

5. Which of the following statement is false regarding Armstrong modulation system?
a) The system is basically phase modulated and not frequency modulated
b) Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) is not needed as a crystal oscillator is used
c) Frequency multiplication must be used
d) Equalization is necessary

6. After a target has been acquired, the best scanning system for tracking is _________
a) circular
b) spiral
c) conical
d) helical

7. In a broadcast superheterodyne receiver, the ____________
a) Local oscillator always operates below the frequency of transmitted signal
b) Input of mixer must be tuned to the signal frequency
c) Local oscillator frequency should be double than that of IF
d) RF amplifier normally works at 455 KHz above the carrier frequency

8. If the target cross section is changing, the best system for accurate tracking is __________
a) sequential switching
b) lobe switching
c) conical scanning
d) monopulse radar

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