Operational Amplifier Terminals,Terminal Voltages and Currents MCQ’s

This set of Electric Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Operational Amplifier Terminals,Terminal Voltages and Currents”.

1. The number of terminals in an Op-amp ______________
a) 6
b) 2
c) 5
d) 3

2. The Op-amp is a type of ___________
a) Differential amplifier
b) Integrated amplifier
c) Isolation amplifier
d) Feedback amplifier

3. Op-amp was introduced by __________
a) Fairchild
b) Maxwell
c) Rutherford
d) Sahani

4. In the circuit of Op-amp given V- stands for _________


a) Non-inverting input
b) Non-inverting output
c) Inverting input
d) Inverting output

5. If the output voltage is not a linear function of input voltage then ____________
a) Op-amp acts a linear device
b) Op-amp acts as a non-linear device
c) Op-amp acts a polar device
d) Op-amp acts as an inverter

6. When the input voltage difference is small in magnitude, the Op-amp behaves as ____________
a) Non-linear device
b) Linear device
c) Complex device
d) Bipolar device

7. Find the gain for the following circuit.


a) -2
b) 2
c) -1
d) 1

8. The negative feedback causes the input voltage difference to ____________
a) 1
b) Increase
c) Decrease
d) 0

9. Calculate the gain for the Op-amp given.


a) 0.719
b) 2.572
c) 1.390
d) 1.237

10. Given Op-amp is ideal. Calculate vo if va=1v and vb=0v.


a) -4v
b) -2.5v
c) 4v
d) 2.5v

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