Optical Emission from Semiconductors MCQ’s

This set of Optical Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Optical Emission from Semiconductors”.

1. The energy-level occupation for a semiconductor in thermal equilibrium is described by the __________
a) Boltzmann distribution function
b) Probability distribution function
c) Fermi-Dirac distribution function
d) Cumulative distribution function

2. What is done to create an extrinsic semiconductor?
a) Refractive index is decreased
b) Doping the material with impurities
c) Increase the band-gap of the material
d) Stimulated emission

3. A perfect semiconductor crystal containing no impurities or lattice defects is called as __________
a) Intrinsic semiconductor
b) Extrinsic semiconductor
c) Excitation
d) Valence electron

4. The majority of the carriers in a p-type semiconductor are __________
a) Holes
b) Electrons
c) Photons
d) Neutrons

5. In the given equation, what does p stands for?

p = 2πhk

a) Permittivity
b) Probability
c) Holes
d) Crystal momentum

6. Calculate the radioactive minority carrier lifetime in gallium arsenide when the minority carriers are electrons injected into a p-type semiconductor region which has a hole concentration of 1018cm-3. The recombination coefficient for gallium arsenide is 7.21*10-10cm3s-1.
a) 2ns
b) 1.39ns
c) 1.56ns
d) 2.12ms

7. _________________ is used when the optical emission results from the application of electric field.
a) Radiation
b) Efficiency
c) Electro-luminescence
d) Magnetron oscillator

8. The recombination in indirect band-gap semiconductors is slow.
a) True
b) False

9. Which impurity is added to gallium phosphide to make it an efficient light emitter?
a) Silicon
b) Hydrogen
c) Nitrogen
d) Phosphorus

10. A GaAs injection laser has a threshold current density of 2.5*103Acm-2 and length and width of the cavity is 240μm and 110μm respectively. Find the threshold current for the device.
a) 663 mA
b) 660 mA
c) 664 mA
d) 712 mA

11. A homo-junction is an interface between two adjoining single-crystal semiconductors with different band-gap energies.
a) True
b) False

12. Population inversion is obtained at a p-n junction by __________
a) Heavy doping of p-type material
b) Heavy doping of n-type material
c) Light doping of p-type material
d) Heavy doping of both p-type and n-type material

13. A GaAs injection laser with an optical cavity has refractive index of 3.6. Calculate the reflectivity for normal incidence of the plane wave on the GaAs-air interface.
a) 0.61
b) 0.12
c) 0.32
d) 0.48

14. How many types of hetero-junctions are available?
a) Two
b) One
c) Three
d) Four

15. The ______________ system is best developed and is used for fabricating both lasers and LEDs for the shorter wavelength region.
a) InP
b) GaSb
c) GaAs/GaSb
d) GaAs/Alga AS DH

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