Optical Fibers

This set of Optical Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Optical Fibers”.

1. Multimode step index fiber has ___________
a) Large core diameter & large numerical aperture
b) Large core diameter and small numerical aperture
c) Small core diameter and large numerical aperture
d) Small core diameter & small numerical aperture

2. A typically structured glass multimode step index fiber shows as variation of attenuation in range of ___________
a) 1.2 to 90 dB km-1 at wavelength 0.69μm
b) 3.2 to 30 dB km-1 at wavelength 0.59μm
c) 2.6 to 50 dB km-1 at wavelength 0.85μm
d) 1.6 to 60 dB km-1 at wavelength 0.90μm

3. Multimode step index fiber has a large core diameter of range is ___________
a) 100 to 300 μm
b) 100 to 300 nm
c) 200 to 500 μm
d) 200 to 500 nm

4. Multimode step index fibers have a bandwidth of ___________
a) 2 to 30 MHz km
b) 6 to 50 MHz km
c) 10 to 40 MHz km
d) 8 to 40 MHz km

5. Multimode graded index fibers are manufactured from materials with ___________
a) Lower purity
b) Higher purity than multimode step index fibers.
c) No impurity
d) Impurity as same as multimode step index fibers.

6. The performance characteristics of multimode graded index fibers are ___________
a) Better than multimode step-index fibers
b) Same as multimode step-index fibers
c) Lesser than multimode step-index fibers
d) Negligible

7. Multimode graded index fibers have overall buffer jackets same as multimode step index fibers but have core diameters ___________
a) Larger than multimode step-index fibers
b) Smaller than multimode step-index fibers
c) Same as that of multimode step-index fibers
d) Smaller than single mode step-index fibers

8. Multimode graded index fibers with wavelength of 0.85μm have numerical aperture of 0.29 have core/cladding diameter of ___________
a) 62.5 μm/125 μm
b) 100 μm/140 μm
c) 85 μm/125 μm
d) 50 μm/125μm

9. Multimode graded index fibers use incoherent source only.
a) True
b) False

10. In single mode fibers, which is the most beneficial index profile?
a) Step index
b) Graded index
c) Step and graded index
d) Coaxial cable

11. The fibers mostly not used nowadays for optical fiber communication system are ___________
a) Single mode fibers
b) Multimode step fibers
c) Coaxial cables
d) Multimode graded index fibers

12. Single mode fibers allow single mode propagation; the cladding diameter must be at least ___________
a) Twice the core diameter
b) Thrice the core diameter
c) Five times the core diameter
d) Ten times the core diameter

13. A fiber which is referred as non-dispersive shifted fiber is?
a) Coaxial cables
b) Standard single mode fibers
c) Standard multimode fibers
d) Non zero dispersion shifted fibers

14. Standard single mode fibers (SSMF) are utilized mainly for operation in ___________
a) C-band
b) L-band
c) O-band
d) C-band and L-band

15. Fiber mostly suited in single-wavelength transmission in O-band is?
a) Low-water-peak non dispersion-shifted fibers
b) Standard single mode fibers
c) Low minimized fibers
d) Non-zero-dispersion-shifted fibers

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