Optical Network Concepts MCQ’s

This set of Optical Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Optical Network Concepts”.

1. ____________ is a multi-functional element of optical network.
a) Hop
b) Optical node
c) Wavelength
d) Optical attenuation

2. A signal carried on a dedicated wavelength from source to destination node is known as a ___________
a) Light path
b) Light wave
c) Light node
d) Light source

3. Each stage of information transfer is required to follow the fundamentals of ____________
a) Optical interconnection
b) Optical hibernation
c) Optical networking
d) Optical regeneration

4. The fundamentals of optical networking are divided into _______ areas.
a) Two
b) One
c) Four
d) Three

5. The network structure formed due to the interconnectivity patterns is known as a ____________
a) Network
b) Struck
c) Topology
d) D-pattern

6. The optical networking fundamentals are _____________ of the transmission techniques.
a) Dependent
b) Independent
c) Similar
d) Dissimilar

7. In the __________ topology, the data generally circulates bi-directionally.
a) Mesh
b) Bus
c) Star
d) Ring

8. The full-mesh configuration is complex.
a) False
b) True

9. ____________ refers to the process whereby a node finds one or more paths to possible destinations in a network.
a) Routing
b) Framing
c) Lightning
d) Cloning

10. The ring and star topologies are combined in a ________ configuration.
a) Mesh
b) Fringe
c) Data
d) Singular

11. Packet switching is also called as ___________
a) Frame switching
b) Cell switching
c) Trans-switching
d) Buffer switching

12. ___________ mode is temporary, selective and continuous.
a) Cell switching
b) Buffer switching
c) Cache
d) Circuit switching

13. How many networking modes are available to establish a transmission path?
a) Three
b) One
c) Two
d) Four

14. A _______________ is a series of logical connections between the source and destination nodes.
a) Cell circuit
b) Attenuation circuit
c) Virtual circuit
d) Switched network

15. How many stages are possessed by the control plane?
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five

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