p-i-n Diode and its Characteristics MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “p-i-n Diode and its Characteristics”.

1. During forward bias, the PIN diode acts as _______
a) a variable resistor
b) a variable capacitor
c) a switch
d) an LED

2. During reverse bias, the PIN diode acts as _______
a) Variable resistor
b) Switch
c) Variable capacitor
d) LED

3. PIN diode is a photosensitive diode because of _______
a) large current flow in p and n region
b) depletion layer increases giving a larger surface area
c) stronger covalent bonds
d) low carrier storage

4. When the p and n regions are used for high resistivity, the depletion region at the respective places is called _________
a) Q and ϒ regions
b) ϒ and π regions
c) Q and π regions
d) π and ϒ regions

5. In high frequency model, the values of resistance ‘R’ and capacitance ‘C’ are _______
a) 0.1 to 10KΩ and 0.02 to 2pF respectively
b) 1 to 10KΩ and 0.02 to 2pF respectively
c) 10 to 100KΩ and 0.02 to 2pF respectively
d) 0.1 to 10KΩ and 2 to 20pF respectively

6. Which of the following is true about a PIN diode?
a) it’s photosensitive in reverse bias
b) it offers low resistance and low capacitance
c) it has a decreased reversed breakdown voltage
d) carrier storage is low

7. The applications for PIN diode are __________
a) Microwave switch
b) LED
c) Voltage regulator
d) Amplifier

8. What happens in PIN diode for low frequency model?
a) reactance decreases
b) conductance increases
c) resistance increases
d) reactance increases

9. In the application of frequency models, the value of forward current is _____
a) IF = A(µPP + µNN)q
b) IF = A(µPN + µNP)q
c) IF = A(µPP – µNN)q
d) IF = A(µPN – µNP)q

10. The forward resistance for a PIN diode is given by ________
a) RF = W/σP
b) RF = W/σN
c) RF = WσP
d) RF = WσN

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