Parallel Resonance MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Parallel Resonance”.

1. Find the quality factor of the following circuit.


a) 2.24
b) 3.34
c) 4.44
d) 5.54

2. Find the bandwidth of the circuit shown below.


a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

3. For the circuit shown below, determine its resonant frequency.


a) 6.12
b) 7.12
c) 8.12
d) 9.12

4. The magnification in resonance considering the voltage across inductor is?
a) V/VL
b) VL/V
c) V x VL
d) VL

5. The value of ωr in parallel resonant circuit is?
a) 1/(2√LC)
b) 1/√LC
c) 1/(π√LC)
d) 1/(2π√LC)

6. Find the resonant frequency in the ideal parallel LC circuit shown in the figure.


a) 7.118
b) 71.18
c) 711.8
d) 7118

7. Considering the voltage across the capacitor, the magnification in resonance is?
a) VC
b) V x VC
c) VC/V
d) V/VC

8. The expression of resonant frequency for parallel resonant circuit is?
a) 1/(2π√LC)
b) 1/(π√LC)
c) 1/(2√LC)
d) 1/√LC

9. If the value of Q of the circuit is high, then its effect on bandwidth is?
a) large bandwidth
b) small bandwidth
c) no effect on bandwidth
d) first increases and then decreases

10. If in a circuit, if Q value is decreased then it will cause?
a) small bandwidth
b) no effect on bandwidth
c) first increases and then decreases
d) large bandwidth

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