Parameter Optimization : Servomechanims MCQ’s

This set of Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Parameter Optimization : Servomechanims”.

1. A closed loop system is distinguished from open loop system by which of the following?
a) Servomechanism
b) Feedback
c) Output pattern
d) Input pattern

2. ______________ is a part of the human temperature control system.
a) Digestive system
b) Perspiration system
c) Ear
d) Leg movement

3. Any externally introduced signal affecting the controlled output is called a
a) Feedback
b) Stimulus
c) Signal
d) Gain control

4. By which of the following the control action is determined when a man walks along a path?
a) Brain
b) Hands
c) Legs
d) Eyes

5. Which of the following devices are commonly used as error detectors in instruments?
a) Vern stats
b) Microsyn
c) Resolvers
d) All of the mentioned

6. __________increases the steady state accuracy.
a) Integrator
b) Differentiator
c) Phase lead
d) Phase lag

7. _______________ is a closed loop system.
a) Auto-pilot for an aircraft
b) Direct current generator
c) Car starter
d) Electric switch

8. Which of the following should be done to make an unstable system stable?
a) The gain of the system should be decreased
b) The gain of the system should be increased
c) The number of poles to the loop transfer function should be increased
d) The number of zeros to the loop transfer function should be increased

9. A.C. servomotor resembles
a) Two phase induction motor
b) Three phase induction motor
c) Direct current series motor
d) Universal motor

10. As a result of introduction of negative feedback which of the following will not decrease?
a) Band width
b) Overall gain
c) Distortion
d) Instability

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