Phase Comparator MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Phase Comparator“.

1. An antenna is adjusted by adjusting the two “look angles” called _________
a) coverage and elevation
b) declination and elevation
c) azimuth and declination
d) azimuth and elevation

2. PCS stands for ________
a) Portable Control Service
b) Personal Communication Systems
c) Personal Control Signal
d) Portable Communication Systems

3. The velocity required to stay in orbit is ________
a) constant
b) infinite
c) lower close to the earth than far from the earth
d) higher close to the earth than far from the earth

4. What is the full form of MIN?
a) Multistage Interconnection Network
b) Mobile Identification Number
c) Maximum In-band Noise
d) Minimum In-band Noise

5. Pagers use _________
a) VHF band
b) UHF band
c) Both VHF and UHF bands
d) HF band

6. TDD stands for _________
a) Time Division Duplex
b) Time Delayed Duplex
c) Telecommunication Display Device
d) Time Definite Delivery

7. Which term is used for voice channels, in GSM?
a) traffic channels
b) noise channels
c) receiver channels
d) transmitter channels

8. What is the approximate IEEE specification covering wireless LANs?
a) 802.13
b) 802.12
c) 802.11
d) 802.10

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