Photonic Crystal Fibers & Attenuation

This set of Optical Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Photonic Crystal Fibers & Attenuation”.

1. Photonic crystal fibers also called as ___________
a) Conventional fibers
b) Dotted fibers
c) Stripped fibers
d) Holey fibers

2. Conventional optical fibers has more transmission losses than photonic crystal fibers.
a) True
b) False

3. Losses in photonic crystal fibers are reduced to a level of ___________
a) 0.1dB/km
b) 0.2dB/km
c) 0.3dB/km
d) 0.4dB/km

4. The high index contrast enables the PCF core to be reduced from around 8 μmin conventional fiber to ___________
a) Less than 1μm
b) More than 5μm
c) More than 3μm
d) More than 2μm

5. The periodic arrangement of cladding air holes in photonic band gap fibers provides for the formation of a photonic band gap in the ___________
a) H-plane of fiber
b) E-plane of fiber
c) E-H-plane of fiber
d) Transverse plane of fiber

6. In index-guided photonic crystal fiber structure, the dark areas are air holes. What does white areas suggests?
a) Air
b) Silica
c) Water
d) Plasma

7. Which is the unit of measurement of attenuation in optical fibers?
a) km
b) dB
c) dB/km
d) Coulomb’s

8. The optical fiber incurs a loss in signal power as light travels down the fiber which is called as ___________
a) Scattering
b) Attenuation
c) Absorption
d) Refraction

9. If the input power 100μW is launched into 6 km of fiber, the mean optical power at the fiber output is 2μW. What is the overall signal attenuation through the fiber assuming there are no connectors or splices?
a) 15.23dB
b) 16.98dB
c) 17.12dB
d) 16.62dB

10. A device that reduces the intensity of light in optical fiber communications is ___________
a) compressor
b) Optical attenuator
c) Barometer
d) Reducer

11. A decibel may be defined as the ratio of input and output optical power for a particular optical wavelength.
a) True
b) False

12. When the input and output power in an optical fiber is 120μW & 3μW respectively and the length of the fiber is 8 km. What is the signal attenuation per km for the fiber?
a) 3dB/km
b) 2dB/km
c) 1dB/km
d) 4dB/km

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