Phototransistors and Metal Semiconductor MCQ’s

This set of Optical Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Phototransistors and Metal Semiconductor”.

1. A large secondary current _________________ in n-p-n InGaAs phototransistor is achieved.
a) Between base and collector
b) Between emitter and collector
c) Between base and emitter
d) Plasma

2. _______ emitter-base and collector-base junction capacitances is achieved by use of hetero-structure along with _________ base resistance.
a) Low, high
b) High, low
c) Low, low
d) High, negligible

3. The _____________ is photosensitive to act as light gathering element.
a) Base-emitter junction
b) Base-collector junction
c) Collector-emitter junction
d) Base-collector junction and Base-emitter junction

4. A ________ is created by hetero-junction at collector-base junction.
a) Potential barrier
b) Depletion region
c) Parasitic capacitance
d) Inductance

5. A phototransistor has collector current of 18 mA, incident optical power of 128 μW with a wavelength of 1.24 μm. Determine an optical gain.
a) 1.407 *102
b) 19.407 *102
c) 2.407 *102
d) 3.407 *102

6. The detection mechanism in the ____________ photo-detector includes inter sub-band transitions.
a) Dwell
b) Set
c) Avalanche
d) Futile

7. Phototransistors based on hetero-junction using _________ material are known as waveguide phototransistors.
a) InGaP
b) InGaAs
c) InGaAsP/ InAlAs
d) ErGaAs

8. For a phototransistor having gain of 116.5, wavelength of 1.28 μm, optical power 123μW. Determine collector current.
a) 0.123 mA
b) 0.0149 mA
c) 1.23 mA
d) 0.54 mA

9. Which of the following is the difference between the n-p-n and conventional bipolar transistor?
a) Electric property
b) Magnetic property
c) Unconnected base
d) Emitter base efficiency

10. The _____________ at emitter-base junction gives good emitter base injection efficiency.
a) Homo-junction
b) Depletion layer
c) Holes
d) Hetero-junction

11. Waveguide structure provides high quantum efficiency.
a) True
b) False

12. Waveguide phototransistors utilize a ___________ waveguide layer under the _________ transistor region.
a) Active, passive
b) Passive, active
c) Homo, hetero
d) Hetero, homo

13. The n-p-n hetero-junction phototransistor is grown using ______________
a) Liquid-phase tranquilizers
b) Liquid-phase epistaxis
c) Solid substrate
d) Hetero poleax

14. What is the main benefit of the waveguide structure over conventional hetero-junction phototransistor?
a) High depletion region
b) Depletion width
c) Increased photocurrent, responsivity
d) Low gain

15. Metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) photo-detectors are photoconductive detectors.
a) True
b) False

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