Piezoelectric Transducer

Set of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions & Answers) with Answers on Piezoelectric Transducer of Wireless & Mobile Communications in ECE (Electronics & Communication Eng.).

1. Piezoelectric transducer is used for measuring __________
a) non-electrical quantities
b) electrical quantities
c) chemical quantities
d) any quantity

2. Piezoelectric crystals __________
a) float on water
b) dissolve in water
c) are not soluble in water
d) absorb water

3. Piezoelectric crystals produce _________
a) no voltage
b) low voltage
c) high voltage
d) very high voltage

4. Piezoelectric transducer consists of _________
a) copper rod
b) aluminum wire
c) gold crystal
d) quartz crystal

5. When a compressive force is applied to a quartz crystal then ____________
a) positive charges are induced
b) negative charges are induced
c) no charge is induced
d) both positive and negative charges are induced

6. In kitchen applications a piezoelectric crystal is used for _________
a) skimming milk
b) lighting a gas stove
c) grinding
d) mixing

7. A piezoelectric transducer has a _________
a) very high sensitivity
b) low sensitivity
c) high sensitivity
d) zero sensitivity

8. A piezoelectric transducer is used as an ignition source for a cigarette.
a) True
b) False

9. Microphone converts light into heat.
a) True
b) False

10. A quartz crystal is _________
a) a chemical transducer
b) a photoelectric transducer
c) not a self-generating transducer
d) a self-generating transducer

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