Planar Waveguides and Integrated Optical Devices MCQ’s

This set of Optical Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Planar Waveguides and Integrated Optical Devices”.

1. __________ waveguide is formed when the film is sandwiched by layers of different refractive index.
a) Planar
b) Circular
c) Asymmetric
d) Symmetric

2. When the dimensions of the guide are reduced, the number of ___________ also decreases.
a) Propagating nodes
b) Electrons
c) Holes
d) Volume of photons

3. Optical fibre communications uses _______ dielectric waveguide structures for confining light.
a) Rectangular
b) Circular
c) Triangular
d) Planar

4. What does hff stands for in the equation hff = h+x+x2?
a) Frequency of layer
b) Diameter of curve
c) Effective guide layer thickness
d) Space propagation

5. The planar waveguides may be fabricated from glasses and other isotropic materials such as ___________ and ______________
a) Octane and polymers
b) Carbon monoxide and diode
c) Fluorides and carbonates
d) Sulphur dioxide and polymers

6. Which of the following materials have refractive index near two?
a) GA As
b) Zinc
c) InP
d) AlSb

7. ___________ waveguides are plagued by high losses.
a) Circular
b) Planar
c) Depleted
d) Metal-clad

8. Which of the following devices are less widely used in the field of optical fibre communications?
a) Acousto-optic devices
b) Regenerators
c) Reflectors
d) Optical translators

9. Passive devices are fabricated by __________ technique.
a) Fassbinder
b) High density integration
c) Radio-frequency sputtering
d) Lithium implantation

10. Propagation losses in slab and strip waveguides are smaller than the single mode fibre losses.
a) True
b) False

11. The linear variation of refractive index with the electric field is known as the ________
a) Linear implantation
b) Ionization
c) Koppel effect
d) Pockels effect

12. A passive Y-junction beam splitter is fabricated from __________
a) GaAs
b) ZnS
c) AlbS
d) LiNbO3

13. Strip pattern in waveguide structures is obtained through ____________
a) Lithography
b) Cryptography
c) Depletion of holes
d) Implantation

14. A passive Y-junction beam splitter is also used as a switch.
a) True
b) False

15. Planar waveguides are used to produce _______ coupler.
a) MMI
b) CMI
c) Frequency
d) Differential

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