Polarization MCQ’s

This set of Optical Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Polarization”.

1. The optical source used for detection of optical signal is ____________
a) IR sensors
b) Photodiodes
c) Zener diodes
d) Transistors

2. An optical fiber behaves as a birefringence medium due to differences in ___________
a) Effective R-I and core geometry
b) Core-cladding symmetry
c) Transmission/propagation time of waves
d) Refractive indices of glass and silica

3. For many applications that involve optical fiber transmission, an intensity modulation optical source is not required.
a) True
b) False

4. The beat length in a single mode optical fiber is 8 cm when light from a laser with a peak wavelength 0.6μm is launched into it. Estimate the modal birefringence.
a) 1×10-5
b) 3.5×10-5
c) 2×10-5
d) 4×10-5

5. A polarization maintaining fiber operates at a wavelength 1.2μm and have a modal birefringence of 1.8*10-3. Calculate the period of perturbation.
a) 0.7 seconds
b) 0.6 seconds
c) 0.23 seconds
d) 0.5 seconds

6. Polarization modal noise can _________ the performance of communication system.
a) Degrade
b) Improve
c) Reduce
d) Attenuate

7. Beat length of a single mode optical fiber is 0.6cm. Calculate the difference between propagation constants for the orthogonal modes.
a) 69.8
b) 99.86
c) 73.2
d) 104.66

8. When two components are equally excited at the fiber input, then for polarization maintaining fibers δΓg should be around ___________
a) 1.5ns/km
b) 1 ns/km
c) 1.2ns/km
d) 2ns/km

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