Power Amlifiers MCQ’s

This set of RF & Microwave Circuit Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Power Amlifiers”.

1. Important factors to be considered for power amplifier design are:
a) Efficiency
b) Gain
c) Thermal effect
d) All of the mentioned

2. Amplifier efficiency is the ratio of RF output power to DC input power. This parameter determines the performance of an amplifier.
a) True
b) False

3. _______________ are used in the final stages of radar and radio transmitters to increase the radiated power level.
a) Power amplifiers
b) Oscillators
c) Transistors
d) Attenuators

4. Gain of power amplifiers __________ with increase in operating frequency.
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Increases exponentially
d) Decreases exponentially

5. A class B amplifier consists of _______ transistors in order to conduct the input signal over the entire cycle.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) 6

6. Behavior of a transistor in power amplifiers is unpredictable at all input signal levels.
a) True
b) False

7. ___________ amplifiers are linear circuits, where the transistor is biased to conduct over the entire range of the input signal cycle.
a) Class A amplifiers
b) Class B amplifiers
c) Class C amplifiers
d) None of the mentioned

8. Power amplifiers in the increasing order of efficiency is:
a) Class A, B, C
b) Class C, A, B
c) Class B, A, C
d) Efficiency of all the 3 amplifiers is the same

9. If the output power of an amplifier is 10 V, and the input power supplied to the amplifier is 0.229 V given that the DC voltage used is 38.5 V, efficiency of the power amplifier is:
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 35%

10. If a power amplifier has an output power of 10 W, and an amplifier gain of 16.4 dB, then the input drive power is:
a) 400 mW
b) 225 mW
c) 229 mW
d) 240 mW

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