Power BJTs MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Power BJTs”.

1. For a power transistor, if base current IB is increased keeping Vce constant; then______
a) IC increases
b) IC decreases
c) IC remains constant
d) IC changes sinusoidal

2. Which one is the most suitable power device for high frequency (>100 kHz) switching application?
a) BJT
b) Power MOSFET
c) Schottkey diode
d) Microwave transistor

3. A power transistor is a ____________
a) three layer, three junction device
b) three layer, two junction device
c) two layer, one junction device
d) four layer, three junction device

4. Insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) has combinational advantages of ______
a) BJTs and SITs
b) BJTs and MOSFETs
c) SITs and MOSFETs
d) FETs and BJTs

5. SITH is also known as ________
a) Field controlled diode
b) Field controlled rectifier
c) Silicon controlled diode
d) Silicon controlled rectifier

6. What are the three terminals of a power MOSFET called?
a) Collector, emitter, Gate
b) Drain, source, gate
c) Collector, emitter, base
d) Drain, emitter, base

7. A Gate Turn Off (GTO) can be turned on by applying _______
a) positive gate signal
b) positive drain signal
c) positive source signal
d) negative source signal

8. The turn on time of an SCR with inductive load is 20 µs. The pulse train frequency is 2.5 KHz with a mark/space ratio of 1/10, and then SCR will ______
a) Turn On
b) Not turn on
c)Turn on if inductance is removed.
d) Turn on if pulse frequency is increased to two times

9. A thyristor can be termed as ______
a) AC switch
b) DC switch
c) Wave switch
d) Square wave switch

10. If anode current is 400 A, then the amount of current required to turn off the GTO is about ________
a) 20A
b) 200A
c) 400A
d) 100A

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