Problems Involving Coupling Coefficient MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Problems Involving Coupling Coefficient”.

1. An RLC series circuit has a resistance R of 20Ω and a current which lags behind the applied voltage by 45°. If the voltage across the inductor is twice the voltage across the capacitor, the value of inductive resistance is ____________
a) 10 Ω
b) 20 Ω
c) 40 Ω
d) 60 Ω

2. In the Wheatstone bridge shown below, if the resistance in each arm is increased by 0.05%, then the value of Vout will be?


a) 50 mV
b) Zero
c) 5mV
d) 0.1mV

3. If the 3-phase balanced source in the given figure delivers 1500 W at a leading power factor of 0.844, then the value of ZL is approximately __________


a) 90∠32.44°
b) 80∠32.44°
c) 80∠-32.44°
d) 90∠-32.44°

4. The voltage drop across a standard resistor of 0.2 Ω is balanced at 83 cm. The magnitude of the current, if the standard cell emf of 1.53 V is balanced at 42 m is ___________
a) 13.04 A
b) 10 A
c) 14.95 A
d) 12.56 A

5. The simultaneous applications of signals x (t) and y (t) to the horizontal and vertical plates respectively, of an oscilloscope, produce a vertical figure of 8 displays. If P and Q are constants and x(t) = P sin (4t + 30), then y(t) is equal to _________
a) Q sin (4t – 30)
b) Q sin (2t + 15)
c) Q sin (8t + 60)
d) Q sin (4t + 30)

6. A 200/1 Current Transformer (CT) is wound with 400 turns on the secondary on a toroidal core. When it carries a current of 180 A on the primary, the ratio is found to be -0.5%. If the number of secondary turns is reduced by 1, the new ratio error (in %) will be?
a) 0.0
b) -0.5
c) -1.0
d) -2.0

7. The readings of polar type potentiometer are
I = 12.4∠27.5°
V = 31.5∠38.4°
Then, Reactance of the coil will be?
a) 2.51 Ω
b) 2.56 Ω
c) 2.54 Ω
d) 2.59 Ω

8. A resistor of 10 kΩ with a tolerance of 5% is connected in parallel with 5 kΩ resistors of 10% tolerance. The tolerance limit is __________
a) 9%
b) 12.4%
c) 8.33%
d) 7.87%

9. In the Two wattmeter method of measuring power in a balanced three-phase circuit, one wattmeter shows zero and the other positive maximum. The load power factor is ___________
a) 0
b) 0.5
c) 0.866
d) 1.0

10. In the figure given below, a 220 V 50 Hz supplies a 3-phase balanced source. The pressure Coil (PC) and Current Coil (CC) of a watt-meter are connected to the load as shown. The watt-meter reading is _________


a) Zero
b) 1600 W
c) 242 W
d) 400 W

11. In Maxwell’s capacitance bridge for calculating unknown inductance, the various values at balance are, R1 = 300 Ω, R2 = 700 Ω, R3 = 1500 Ω, C4 = 0.8 μF. The values of R1, L1 and Q factor, if the frequency is 1100 Hz are ____________
a) 240 Ω, 0.12 H, 3.14
b) 140 Ω, 0.168 H, 8.29
c) 140 Ω, 0.12 H, 5.92
d) 240 Ω, 0.36 H, 8.29

12. The meter constant of a single-phase, 230 V induction watt-meter is 600 rev/kW-h. The speed of the meter disc for a current of 15 A at 0.8 power factor lagging will be?
a) 30.3 rpm
b) 25.02 rpm
c) 27.6 rpm
d) 33.1 rpm

13. In the Owen’s bridge shown in below figure, Z1 = 200∠60°, Z2 = 400∠-90°, Z3 = 300∠0°, Z4 = 400∠30°. Then,


a) Bridge is balanced with given impedance values
b) Bridge can be balanced, if Z4 = 600∠60°
c) Bridge can be balanced, if Z3 = 400∠0°
d) Bridge cannot be balanced with the given configuration

14. In the figure below, the values of the resistance R1 and inductance L1 of a coil are to be calculated after the bridge is balanced. The values are _________________


a) 375 Ω and 75 mH
b) 75 Ω and 150 mH
c) 37.5 Ω and 75 mH
d) 75 Ω and 75 mH

15. The four arms of an AC bridge network are as follows:
Arm AB: unknown impedance
Arm BC: standard capacitor C2 of 1000pf
Arm CD: a non-inductive resistance of R of 100 Ω in parallel to a capacitor of 0.01 μF
Arm DA: a non-inductive resistance of 1000 Ω
The supply frequency is 50 Hz and connected across terminals B and D. If the bridge is balanced with the above value, determine the value of unknown Impedance.
a) 10 kΩ
b) 100 kΩ
c) 250 kΩ
d) 20 kΩ

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