Processor of Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Processor of Embedded System”.

1. Which one of the following offers CPUs as integrated memory or peripheral interfaces?
a) Microcontroller
b) Microprocessor
c) Embedded system
d) Memory system

2. Which of the following offers external chips for memory and peripheral interface circuits?
a) Microcontroller
b) Microprocessor
c) Peripheral system
d) Embedded system

3. How many bits does an MC6800 family have?
a) 16
b) 32
c) 4
d) 8

4. Which of the following is a 4-bit architecture?
a) MC6800
b) 8086
c) 80386
d) National COP series

5. What is CISC?
a) Computing instruction set complex
b) Complex instruction set computing
c) Complimentary instruction set computing
d) Complex instruction set complementary

6. How is the protection and security for an embedded system made?
a) OTP
b) IPR
c) Memory disk security
d) Security chips

7. Which of the following possesses a CISC architecture?
a) MC68020
b) ARC
c) Atmel AVR
d) Blackfin

8. Which of the following is a RISC architecture?
a) 80286
c) Zilog Z80
d) 80386

9. Which one of the following is board based system?
a) Data bus
b) Address bus
c) VMEbus
d) DMA bus

10. VME bus stands for
a) Versa module Europa bus
b) Versa module embedded bus
c) Vertical module embedded bus
d) Vertical module Europa bus

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