Programmable Array Logic MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Programmable Array Logic”.

1. PAL refers to ____________
a) Programmable Array Loaded
b) Programmable Logic Array
c) Programmable Array Logic
d) Programmable AND Logic

2. Outputs of the AND gate in PLD is known as ____________
a) Input lines
b) Output lines
c) Strobe lines
d) Control lines

3. The inputs in the PLD is given through ____________
a) NAND gates
b) OR gates
c) NOR gates
d) AND gates

4. PLA contains ____________
a) AND and OR arrays
b) NAND and OR arrays
c) NOT and AND arrays
d) NOR and OR arrays

5. A PLA is similar to a ROM in concept except that ____________
a) It hasn’t capability to read only
b) It hasn’t capability to read or write operation
c) It doesn’t provide full decoding to the variables
d) It hasn’t capability to write only

6. The complex programmable logic device contains several PLD blocks and __________
a) A language compiler
b) AND/OR arrays
c) Global interconnection matrix
d) Field-programmable switches

7. PLA is used to implement ____________
a) A complex sequential circuit
b) A simple sequential circuit
c) A complex combinational circuit
d) A simple combinational circuit

8. For programmable logic functions, which type of PLD should be used?
a) PLA
b) PAL
d) SLD

9. Which type of device FPGA are?
a) SLD
d) PLD

10. If a PAL has been programmed once ____________
a) Its logic capacity is lost
b) Its outputs are only active HIGH
c) Its outputs are only active LOW
d) It cannot be reprogrammed

11. The full form of VLSI is ____________
a) Very Long Single Integration
b) Very Least Scale Integration
c) Very Large Scale Integration
d) Very Long Scale Integration

12. The difference between a PAL & a PLA is ____________
a) PALs and PLAs are the same thing
b) The PLA has a programmable OR plane and a programmable AND plane, while the PAL only has a programmable AND plane
c) The PAL has a programmable OR plane and a programmable AND plane, while the PLA only has a programmable AND plane
d) The PAL has more possible product terms than the PLA

13. The FPGA refers to ____________
a) First programmable Gate Array
b) Field Programmable Gate Array
c) First Program Gate Array
d) Field Program Gate Array

14. In FPGA, vertical and horizontal directions are separated by ____________
a) A line
b) A channel
c) A strobe
d) A flip-flop

15. Applications of PLAs are _____________
a) Registered PALs
b) Configurable PALs
c) PAL programming
d) All of the Mentioned

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