Programmable Read Only Memory – 1 MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Programmable Read Only Memory – 1″.

1. Why did PROM introduced?
a) To increase the storage capacity
b) To increase the address locations
c) To provide flexibility
d) To reduce the size

2. Which of the following is programmed electrically by the user?
a) ROM

3. The time from the beginning of a read cycle to the end of tACS/tAA is called as ____________
a) Write enable time
b) Data hold
c) Read cycle time
d) Access time

4. PROMs are available in ___________
a) Bipolar and MOSFET technologies
b) MOSFET and FET technologies
c) FET and bipolar technologies
d) MOS and bipolar technologies

5. How many 8 k × 1 RAMs are required to achieve a memory with a word capacity of 8 k and a word length of eight bits?
a) Eight
b) Two
c) One
d) Four

6. How can ultraviolet erasable PROMs be recognized?
a) There is a small window on the chip
b) They will have a small violet dot next to the #1 pin
c) Their part number always starts with a “U”, such as in U12
d) They are not readily identifiable, since they must always be kept under a small cover

7. The bit capacity of a memory that has 2048 addresses and can store 8 bits at each address is ___________
a) 4096
b) 16384
c) 32768
d) 8129

8. Which of the following best describes the fusible-link PROM?
a) Manufacturer-programmable, reprogrammable
b) Manufacturer-programmable, one-time programmable
c) User-programmable, reprogrammable
d) User-programmable, one-time programmable

9. Which part of a Flash memory architecture manages all chip functions?
a) Program verify code
b) Floating-gate MOSFET
c) Command code
d) Input/Output pins

10. What is a fusing process?
a) It is a process by which data is passed to the memory
b) It is a process by which data is read through the memory
c) It is a process by which programs are burnout to the diode/transistors
d) It is a process by which data is fetched through the memory

11. The cell type used inside a PROM is ___________
a) Link cells
b) Metal cells
c) Fuse cells
d) Electric cells

12. How much locations an 8-bit address code can select in memory?
a) 8 locations
b) 256 locations
c) 65,536 locations
d) 131,072 locations

13. Fusing process is ___________
a) Reversible
b) Irreversible
c) Synchronous
d) Asynchronous

14. How many types of fuse technologies are used in PROMs?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

15. Metal links are made up of ___________
a) Polycrystalline
b) Magnesium sulphide
c) Nichrome
d) Silicon dioxide

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