Propagation Delay in Ripple Counter MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Propagation Delay in Ripple Counter”.

1. A sequential circuit design is used to ____________
a) Count up
b) Count down
c) Decode an end count
d) Count in a random order

2. In general, when using a scope to troubleshoot digital systems, the instrument should be triggered by ____________
a) The A channel or channel 1
b) The vertical input mode, when using more than one channel
c) The system clock
d) Line sync, in order to observe troublesome power line glitches

3. Modulus refers to ____________
a) A method used to fabricate decade counter units
b) The modulus of elasticity, or the ability of a circuit to be stretched from one mode to another
c) An input on a counter that is used to set the counter state, such as UP/DOWN
d) The maximum number of states in a counter sequence

4. Which counters are often used whenever pulses are to be counted and the results displayed in decimal?
a) Synchronous
b) Bean
c) Decade
d) BCD

5. The minimum number of flip-flops that can be used to construct a modulus-5 counter is ____________
a) 3
b) 8
c) 5
d) 10

6. Normally, the synchronous counter is designed using ____________
a) S-R flip-flops
b) J-K flip-flops
c) D flip-flops
d) T flip-flops

7. The ________ counter in the Altera library has controls that allow it to count up or down, and perform synchronous parallel load and asynchronous cascading.
a) 74134
b) LPM
c) Synchronous

8. The duty cycle of the most significant bit from a 4-bit (0–9) BCD counter is ____________
a) 20%
b) 50%
c) 10%
d) 80%

9. MOD-16 counter requires ________ no. of states.
a) 8
b) 4
c) 16
d) 32

10. High speed counter is ____________
a) Ring counter
b) Ripple counter
c) Synchronous counter
d) Asynchronous counter

11. Fundamental mode is another name for ____________
a) Level operation
b) Pulse operation
c) Clock operation
d) Edge operation

12. What is a state diagram?
a) It provides the graphical representation of states
b) It provides exactly the same information as the state table
c) It is same as the truth table
d) It is similar to the characteristic equation

13. Program counter in a digital computer ____________
a) Counts the number of programs run in the machine
b) Counts the number of times a subroutine
c) Counts the number of time the loops are executed
d) Points the memory address of the current or the next instruction

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