Ramp Type DVM

This set of Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Ramp Type DVM”.

1. Ramp type DVM uses ___________
a) a linear ramp technique
b) a non-linear ramp technique
c) an exponential ramp technique
d) an asymptotic ramp technique

2. Linear ramp technique is based on __________
a) voltage measurement
b) time measurement
c) current measurement
d) resistance measurement

3. Time is measured using __________
a) clock
b) logic gates
c) counter
d) flip-flops

4. Which is the main device used in the linear ramp technique?
a) exponential ramp
b) asymptotic ramp
c) non-linear ramp
d) linear ramp

5. Resolution depends on __________
a) frequency
b) resistance
c) voltage
d) current

6. How is input voltage measured?
a) by using a voltmeter
b) by counting the pulses
c) by using a multimeter
d) by using a transformer

7. Which determines the rate of measurement cycles?
a) oscillator
b) amplifier
c) mutivibrator
d) oscilloscope

8. What is the typical value of the multivibrator?
a) 10 cycles/second
b) 0.2 cycles/second
c) 50 cycles/second
d) 5 cycles/second

9. Swing of the ramp is __________
a) ±12 V
b) ±10 V
c) ±8 V
d) ±5 V

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