Ray Theory Transmission MCQ’s

This set of Optical Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Ray Theory Transmission”.

1. Who proposed the use of clad waveguide structure?
a) Edward Appleton
b) Schriever
c) Kao and Hockham
d) James Maxwell

2. Which law gives the relationship between refractive index of the dielectric?
a) Law of reflection
b) Law of refraction (Snell’s Law)
c) Millman’s Law
d) Huygen’s Law

3. Who proposed the idea of transmission of light via dielectric waveguide structure?
a) Christian Huygens
b) Karpon and Bockham
c) Hondros and debye
d) Albert Einstein

4. The light sources used in fibre optics communication are ____________
a) LED’s and Lasers
b) Phototransistors
c) Xenon lights
d) Incandescent

5. Light incident on fibers of angles________the acceptance angle do not propagate into the fiber.
a) Less than
b) Greater than
c) Equal to
d) Less than and equal to

6. The ratio of speed of light in air to the speed of light in another medium is called as _________
a) Speed factor
b) Dielectric constant
c) Reflection index
d) Refraction index

7. The ________ ray passes through the axis of the fiber core.
a) Reflected
b) Refracted
c) Meridional
d) Shew

8. What is the numerical aperture of the fiber if the angle of acceptance is 16 degree?
a) 0.50
b) 0.36
c) 0.20
d) 0.27

9. When a ray of light enters one medium from another medium, which quality will not change?
a) Direction
b) Frequency
c) Speed
d) Wavelength

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