Receiver MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Receiver”.

1. What is Fidelity?
a) Equally amplifies all the signal frequencies at receiver
b) Ability of receiver to select wanted signal from various incoming signal
c) Minimum magnitude of input signal required to produced a specified output
d) Ability to amplify weak signals

2. In a receiver, noise is usually developed at ________
a) Audio stage
b) Receiving antenna
c) RF stage
d) IF stage

3. Demodulation is done in ________
a) Channel
b) Receiver
c) Receiving antenna
d) Transducer

4. Which oscillator is used as a local oscillator in radio receiver?
a) Wien-bridge
b) Hartley
c) Crystal
d) Phase Shift

5. What is the use of a varactor diode in radio receiver?
a) Demodulation
b) Mixing
c) Multiplexing
d) Tuning

6. Figure of merit is ________
a) Ratio of output signal to noise ratio to input signal to noise ratio
b) Ratio of input signal to noise ratio to output signal to noise ratio
c) Ratio of output signal to input signal to a system
d) Ratio of input signal to output signal to a system

7. Process of recovering information signal from received carrier is known as ________
a) Sensitivity
b) Selectivity
c) Demodulation
d) Fidelity

8. What is the function of radio receiver?
a) to detect and amplify information signal from the carrier
b) to modulate a message signal
c) to produce radio waves
d) to convert one form of energy into other

9. Superheterodyne principle provides selectivity at ________
a) RF stage
b) IF stage
c) Demodulating Stage
d) Audio Stage

10. A heterodyne frequency changer is ________
a) Mixer
b) Demodulator
c) Modulator
d) Local Oscillator

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