Reduction of Noise MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Reduction of Noise”.

1. The maximum luminance level is called ________
a) max white
b) peak white
c) all white
d) full white

2. Which term is used for defining high and low points of a satellite’s orbit?
a) crest and trough
b) apogee and perigee
c) uplink and downlink
d) peak and sink

3. Luminance is measured in ________
a) Decibels
b) IRE units
c) Lumins
d) NTSC units

4. What is the power order of power level for an earth station to transmit to a satellite?
a) 104 watts
b) 103 watts
c) 100 watts
d) 101 watts

5. RCC stands for __________
a) Radio Common Carrier
b) Radio Central Carrier
c) Radio Control Carrier
d) Radio Cell Carrier

6. ISM stands for _________
a) IEEE Standard Message
b) Industrial, Scientific and Messaging
c) Industrial, Scientific and Medical
d) IEEE Secure Message

7. What is the full form of DBS?
a) direct broadcast satellite
b) decibels of signal
c) direct beam signal
d) direct broadcast signal

8. Current PCs are referred as __________
a) first-generation
b) second-generation
c) third-generation
d) fourth-generation

9. Bluetooth uses ________
b) Frequency hopping
d) QAM

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