Resistance Level MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Resistance Level”.

1. The reciprocal of slope of current-voltage curve at Q-point gives _____________
a) AC resistance
b) Nominal resistance
c) Maximum dynamic resistance
d) Minimum impedance

2. As the slope of I-V graph at the Q point increases, AC resistance will _____________
a) Increase
b) Decrease
c) Either increase or decrease
d) Neither increase nor decrease

3. What is quiescent point or Q-point?
a) Operating point of device
b) The point at which device have maximum functionality
c) The point at which current equal to voltage
d) The point of V-I graph where slope is 0.5

4. Static resistance of a diode is ____________
a) Resistance at the q-point, ΔVD/ΔID
b) Maximum AC resistance
c) Minimum AC resistance
d) Resistance at operating point, VD/ID

5. After cut-in voltage AC resistance of diode ____________
a) Slightly decreases
b) Decreases exponentially
c) Slightly increases
d) Increases exponentially

6. Determine DC resistance of a diode described by characteristic graph at ID = 10mA.


a) 90 Ω
b) 111.1 Ω
c) 101.0 Ω
d) 100 Ω

7. Average AC resistance and dynamic resistance are ____________
a) Always Equal
b) Never equal
c) Both represents same quantity
d) Calculated from V-I graph

8. DC resistance of diode is measured at ____________
a) Knee current
b) Cut-in voltage
c) Q-point
d) Reverse breakdown point

9. For a diode, at 10mA DC resistance is 70Ω. The voltage corresponding to 10mA will be ____________
a) 0.5V
b) 0.6V
c) 0.7V
d) 0.8V

10. Calculate the DC resistance of diode at VD= -10V from the characteristic graph given below.


a) 1MΩ
b) 10MΩ
c) 15MΩ
d) 5MΩ

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