RSA Refresher

The abbreviation RSA stands for Responsible Service of Alcohol. In Australia, a Responsible Service of Alcohol course is required in order to work in a position that requires serving alcohol to customers.

The Responsible Service of Alcohol course is a mandatory course that covers the laws in each Australian state. You will receive an RSA certificate after completing a course, whether online or in person. You must submit this certificate along with your resume to potential employers, or your application will be rejected.

Each state has its own set of liquor laws. Because not all online course providers can accredit RSA courses, you’ll need multiple certificates if you want to work in different states. However, some certificates can be used in more than one state.

Also, before enrolling in an online course, make sure you choose the right state; otherwise, you will be wasting your money and time. If you have the time and interest, you can learn more about each state’s liquor legislation by visiting the government website for that state.

After receiving your RSA certificate in three years, residents of Victoria must take an RSA Refresher course. After earning your RSA certificate, you can work as a waiter, bartender, or anywhere else that has a liquor license.

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