Single Stage Transistor Amplifier Design MCQ’s

This set of RF & Microwave Circuit Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Single Stage Transistor Amplifier Design”.

1. The frequency response of an amplifier is _______
a) Wide band
b) Narrow band
c) Pass band
d) None of the mentioned

2. Maximum power transfer from the input matching port to the transistor will occur when:
a) Гin=Г*S
b) ГinS
c) ГinS. e
d) None of the mentioned

3. The overall gain of a transistor is always a fixed value and cannot be changed as per design requirements.
a) True
b) False

4. The condition for maximum power transfer from the transistor to the output matching network will occur when:
a) ГoutL*
b) ГoutL
c) Гout=1/ ГL
d) Гout=1/ ГL*2

5. Unconditionally stable devices can always be ____________ for maximum gain.
a) Lossless matched
b) Conjugate matched
c) Forward biased
d) Driven with high current

6. Maximum transducer gain for an amplifier is the same as the maximum gain for an amplifier.
a) True
b) False

7. The input and output ports of an amplifier are always matched to the impedance Z0 .
a) True
b) False

8. The maximum transducer gain occurs when the source and the load are matched to the impedance Z of the transistor by lossless method.
a) True
b) False

9. In terms of S parameters for a transistor, the transducer gain is given by the relation:
a) │S21│/│S12
b) │S12│/│S21
c) │S22│/│S11
d) │S11│/│S22

10. In the S matrix of a transistor, if the parameter S21 is 2.6 then the gain G0 of the transistor has the value
a) 6.2 dB
b) 8.3 dB
c) 2.22 dB
d) None of the mentioned

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