Single Tone Modulation MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Single Tone Modulation”.

1. Why AM is used for broadcasting?
a) More immune to noise
b) Less transmitting power is required
c) It has high fidelity
d) Avoids Receivers Complexity

2. Singletone amplitude modulation ________
a) consists of only one frequency component
b) contains a large number of frequency components
c) contains no frequency components
d) contains infinite number of frequency components

3. For Amplitude Modulation, Emitter modulator ________
a) Operates in class C mode
b) Has a low efficiency
c) Output power is high
d) Operates in class B mode

4. AM spectrum consists of ________
a) Carrier frequency
b) Upper sideband
c) Lower sideband
d) Carrier frequency with both upper and lower sideband

5. Neper is ________ decibel.
a) 20/(ln10)
b) 20ln10
c) Same as
d) Exactly twice of

6. Find lower frequency component in AM wave, given that highest frequency component is 900KHz and bandwidth is 12KHz?
a) 832KHz
b) 600KHz
c) 868KHz
d) 888KHz

7. The minimum channel Bandwidth is used by which modulation technique?
a) VSB
d) AM

8. AM broadcast station transmits modulating frequency upto 6KHz. If transmitting frequency is 810KHz, then maximum and lower sidebands are ________
a) 816KHz and 804KHz
b) 826KHz and 804KHz
c) 916KHz and 904KHz
d) 822KHz and 816KHz

9. Amplitude Modulated wave is ________
a) Sum of carrier and modulating wave
b) Product of carrier and modulating wave
c) Difference of carrier and modulating wave
d) Sum of carrier and its product with modulating wave

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