Source of Information MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Source of Information”.

1. Why a sinusoidal signal is considered analog?
a) It moves in both positive and negative direction
b) It is positive for one half cycle
c) It is negative for one half cycle
d) It has an infinite number of amplitudes in the range of values of the independent variable

2. The minimum height of antenna required for transmission in terms of ʎ is ________
a) 2
b) ʎ4
c) 2ʎ
d) ʎ

3. FM stands for ________
a) Frequency Modulation
b) Frequency Modulator
c) Frequent Frequent Multiplier
d) Frequency Mixer

4. What is Demodulation?
a) Process of varying one or more properties of a periodic waveform
b) Recovering information from a modulated signal
c) Process of mixing a signal with a sinusoid to produce a new signal
d) Involvement of noise

5. What do you understand by the term analog communication?
a) A method in which one of the properties of a carrier signal varies in proportion to an instantaneous value of modulation signal
b) A way for data and computer communication
c) A numerical coded communication
d) A suitable method for long distance communication

6. Data transmitted for a given amount of time is called ________
a) Noise
b) Power
c) Frequency
d) Bandwidth

7. Medium which sends information from source to receiver is called ________
a) Transmitter
b) Transducer
c) Loudspeaker
d) Channel

8. If Output can be represented as linear combination of input then ________
a) The system is linear
b) The system is causal
c) The system is non causal
d) The system is time invariant

9. Telephones send information through wires in form of ________
a) radio signals
b) electrical signal
c) electromagnetic waves
d) microwaves

10. Amplitude Modulation suffers from ________
a) Side-band Suppression
b) IntraPulse Modulation
c) Cross Modulation
d) Carrier Suppression

11. Cell phones sent information in form of ________
a) microwaves
b) electrical signals
c) infrared Waves
d) radio waves

12. Which device is used for tuning the receiver according to incoming signal (especially in TV)?
a) Low pass filter
b) High pass filter
c) Zener diode
d) Varacter diode

13. The ability of receivers to select the wanted signals among various incoming signal is called ________
a) Selectivity
b) Fidelity
c) Sensitivity
d) Modulation

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