Source Transformations MCQ’s

This set of Electric Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Source Transformations”.

1. Source Transformation is _____________
a) Unilateral
b) Unique
c) Bilateral
d) Complicated

2. If there are two resistors in parallel and in series with a voltage source then ___________
a) Parallel resistor has no effect
b) Series resistor has no effect
c) Both has their respective effects
d) Both has no effect on the voltage source

3. By using source transformation voltage source in series resistor is replaced by __________
a) Voltage source in series with a resistor
b) Current source in parallel with a resistor
c) Voltage source in parallel with a resistor
d) Current source in series with a resistor

4. Using source transformation, calculate the voltage.


a) 4.33V
b) 39V
c) 0.230V
d) 36V

5. The value of current source is __________ after replacing the given network with a single current source and a resistor.


a) 70V
b) 60V
c) 90V
d) 80V

6. Find the current flowing through 4Ω resistor shown in network below.


a) 1.33A
b) 2.35A
c) 1.66A
d) 2.66A

7. Which element(s) has no effect in the given circuit?


a) 7Ω
b) 10Ω
c) Both 7Ω and 10Ω
d) Voltage source.

8. If there is a 12A current source in series with 2Ω and in parallel with a 4Ω resistor, then voltage V=?
a) 24V
b) 48V
c) 3V
d) 6V

9. Calculate the power delivered by the 50V source.


a) 274W
b) 276W
c) 285W
d) 291W

10. Using source transformation, calculate vm.


a) 2v
b) -2v
c) 1v
d) -1v

11. Source transformation technique is mainly based on __________ law.
a) Newton’s
b) Kirchhoff’s
c) Ohm’s
d) Einstein’s

12. Source transformation can be used for dependent sources.
a) True
b) False

13. Find the voltage value Vm in the circuit given below.


a) -3V
b) 3V
c) 2.1V
d) -2.1V

14. In source transformation,
a) Voltage sources remain same
b) Current sources remain same
c) Both voltage and current sources undergo change
d) Resistances/Impedances remain same

15. If there are five 20V voltage sources in parallel, then in source transformation __________
a) All are considered
b) Only one is considered
c) All are ignored
d) Only 2 are considered

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