Spectrum of AM SC Waves MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Spectrum of AM SC Waves”.

1. Which frequencies is produced if Va sin⁡(ωa t) amplitude modulates the carrier Vc sin⁡(ωc t)?
a) (ωc + ωa), (ωc – ωa) and ωc
b) (ωc) and (ωa)
c) (ωc + ωa) and (2ωc + 2ωa)
d) (2ωc) and (2ωa)

2. What is the total sideband power if there is 100% modulation?
a) half the carrier wave
b) twice the carrier wave
c) equal to the carrier wave
d) one-fourth of the carrier wave

3. What is the modulation index of an AM signal if the peak voltage goes from Emax to Emin?
a) EminEmax
b) EmaxEmin
c) Emax–EminEmax+Emin
d) Emax+EminEmax–Emin

4. If AM radio station increases its modulation index then there is an increase in receiving RF signal.
a) True
b) False

5. What is the main problem in using quadrature amplitude modulation?
a) high bandwidth is required
b) high power is required
c) incompability with ordinary AM radio waves
d) bandwidth required is less

6. To demodulate a USB SSB signal, the receiver must ________
a) be set to USB mode
b) reinsert the carrier
c) be set to USB mode and reinsert the carrier
d) have low-fidelity

7. How an AM radio station increase its signal-to-noise ratio?
a) by increasing its modulation index
b) by decreasing its modulation index
c) by maintaining a constant modulation index
d) by increasing the frequency

8. A single sideband modulation system requires a more complex demodulator circuit.
a) True
b) False

9. The __________ of an AM signal resembles the shape of baseband signal.
a) upperband
b) lowerband
c) efficiency
d) envelope

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