State Variable Analysis – I MCQ’s

This set of Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “State Variable Analysis – I”.

1. Which among the following is a disadvantage of modern control theory?
a) Implementation of optimal design
b) Transfer function can also be defined for different initial conditions
c) Analysis of all systems take place
d) Necessity of computational work

2. According to the property of state transition method, e0 is equal to _____
a) I
b) A
c) e-At
d) -eAt

3. Which among the following is a unique model of a system?
a) Transfer function
b) State variable
c) Block diagram
d) Signal flow graphs

4. Which mechanism in control engineering implies an ability to measure the state by taking measurements at output?
a) Controllability
b) Observability
c) Differentiability
d) Adaptability

5. Which among the following constitute the state model of a system in addition to state equations?
a) Input equations
b) Output equations
c) State trajectory
d) State vector

6. Which among the following are the interconnected units of state diagram representation?
a) Scalars
b) Adders
c) Integrator
d) All of the mentioned

7. State model representation is possible using _________
a) Physical variables
b) Phase variables
c) Canonical state variables
d) All of the mentioned

8. Which among the following plays a crucial role in determining the state of dynamic system?
a) State variables
b) State vector
c) State space
d) State scalar

9. State space analysis is applicable even if the initial conditions are _____
a) Zero
b) Non-zero
c) Equal
d) Not equal

10. Conventional control theory is applicable to ______ systems
c) Time varying
d) Non-linear

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