Sum of Products and Products of Sum MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Sum of Products and Products of Sum”.

1. The expression Y=AB+BC+AC shows the _________ operation.
a) EX-OR
b) SOP
c) POS
d) NOR

2. The expression Y=(A+B)(B+C)(C+A) shows the _________ operation.
a) AND
b) POS
c) SOP

3. The logical sum of two or more logical product terms is called __________
a) SOP
b) POS
c) OR operation
d) NAND operation

4. A product term containing all K variables of the function in either complemented or uncomplemented form is called a __________
a) Minterm
b) Maxterm
c) Midterm
d) ∑ term

5. The canonical sum of product form of the function y(A,B) = A + B is __________
a) AB + BB + A’A
b) AB + AB’ + A’B
c) BA + BA’ + A’B’
d) AB’ + A’B + A’B’

6. Maxterm is the sum of __________ of the corresponding Minterm with its literal complemented.
a) Terms
b) Words
c) Numbers
d) Nibble

7. According to the property of minterm, how many combination will have value equal to 1 for K input variables?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

8. A variable on its own or in its complemented form is known as a __________
a) Product Term
b) Literal
c) Sum Term
d) Word

9. Canonical form is a unique way of representing ____________
a) SOP
b) Minterm
c) Boolean Expressions
d) POS

10. _____________ expressions can be implemented using either (1) 2-level AND-OR logic circuits or (2) 2-level NAND logic circuits.
a) POS
b) Literals
c) SOP
d) POS

11. There are _____________ Minterms for 3 variables (a, b, c).
a) 0
b) 2
c) 8
d) 1

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