Synchronous TDM MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Synchronous TDM”.

1. A non-resonant antenna will ________
a) not transmit
b) not receive
c) cause SWR on the feed cable
d) transmit and receive the signal at the same time

2. The end-to-end length of a half wave dipole antenna is actually ________
a) slightly shorter than a half wavelength
b) slightly longer than a half wavelength
c) half lambda wavelength
d) lambda wavelength

3. The typical antenna in an AM radio is a ________
a) dipole
b) helical
c) ferrite “loop-stick”
d) loop dipole

4. As the length of a long-wire antenna is increased ________
a) the number of lobes also increase
b) the number of lobes decrease
c) efficiency increase
d) the number of nodes decreases

5. A 1-MHz monopole antenna must be ________
a) mounted vertically
b) mounted horizontally
c) atleast half lambda wavelength long
d) atleast lambda wavelength long

6. An antenna’s beamwidth is measured ________
a) from +90° to -90°
b) between half power points
c) between the minor side lobes
d) between the major side lobes

7. AM waves is represented by Et cos⁡ ωc t. What does Et denotes?
a) amplitude of modulated wave
b) amplitude of carrier signal
c) amplitude of modulating signal
d) amplitude of message signal

8. “Ground Effects” in antenna effects ________
a) antenna’s radiation
b) antenna’s gain
c) antenna’s SWR
d) antenna’s power

9. What is the front to back ratio of a half wave dipole antenna?
a) 0 dB
b) 10 dB
c) 100 dB
d) 50 dB

10. The radiation of energy from an antenna can be seen in the ________
a) standing wave around antenna
b) radiation resistance of the antenna
c) reflected resistance of the antenna
d) I2R loss of the antenna

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