Tellegen’s Theorem MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Tellegen’s Theorem”.

1. The dual pair of capacitance is?
a) capacitance
b) resistance
c) current source
d) inductance

2. The dual pair of resistance is?
a) inductance
b) capacitance
c) conductance
d) current

3. The dual pair of current is?
a) voltage
b) current source
c) capacitance
d) conductance

4. The dual pair of voltage source is?
a) voltage
b) current source
c) current
d) resistance

5. Tellegen’s Theorem is valid for _____ network.
a) linear or non-linear
b) passive or active
c) time variant or time invariant
d) all of the mentioned

6. Consider the circuit shown below. Find whether the circuit satisfies Tellegan’s theorem.


a) satisfies
b) does not satisfy
c) satisfies partially
d) satisfies only for some elements

7. The dual pair of KCL is?
a) KVL
b) current
c) voltage
d) current source

8. For Tellegan’s Theorem to satisfy, the algebraic sum of the power delivered by the source is _____ than power absorbed by all elements.
a) greater
b) less
c) equal
d) greater than or equal

9. The circuit shown below satisfies Tellegen’s theorem.


a) True
b) False

10. If two networks have same graph with different type of elements between corresponding nodes, then?
a) Σbk=1V1ki2k = 0, Σbk=1V2ki1k = 0
b) Σbk=1V1ki2k ≠ 0, Σbk=1V2ki1k = 0
c) Σbk=1V1ki2k = 0, Σbk=1V2ki1k ≠ 0
d) Σbk=1V1ki2k ≠ 0, Σbk=1V2ki1k ≠ 0

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