The Body Effect MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “The Body Effect”.

1. The variation of the threshold voltage with the applied bulk-to-source voltage is typically observed by plotting the _________________ as a function of the source-to-drain voltage.
a) drain current
b) square root of the drain current
c) square of the drain current
d) natural logarithm of the drain current

2. The SI units of the body effect parameter is
a) Volt
b) Volt X Volt
c) √Volt
d) It has no units

3. The _____________ of a MOSFET is affected by the voltage which is applied to the back contact.
a) Threshold Voltage
b) Output Voltage
c) Both threshold and output voltage
d) Neither of the threshold nor the output voltage

4. An NMOS transistor has Vt0 = 0.8 V, 2 φf = 0.7 V, and γ = 0.4 V1/2. Find Vt when VSB = 3 V.
a) 0.12 V
b) 1.23 V
c) 2.34 V
d) 3.45 V

5. As the voltage on the drain is increased, a value is reached at which the pn junction between the drain region and substrate suffers avalanche breakdown known as
a) Weak avalanche
b) Strong avalanche
c) Weak storm
d) Punch-through

6. At ______________ the drain current is no longer related to the Vgs by square law relationship.
a) When the temperature is high (around 700 Celsius)
b) When temperature is very low (around -50 Celsius)
c) Velocity saturation
d) None of the mentioned

7. The threshold voltage is
a) Increases on increasing temperature
b) May increase or decrease on increasing temperature depending upon other factors
c) Temperature independent
d) Decreases on increasing temperature

8. A breakdown effect that occurs in modern devices at low voltages (of around 20 V) is
a) Weak avalanche
b) Strong avalanche
c) Weak storm
d) Punch-through

9. In MOSFETs a breakdown may occur at around 30 V. This is due to
a) Velocity saturation
b) Breakdown of the gate diode
c) Sudden decrease in the depletion region
d) Fall of the threshold voltage due to impurities

10. Which of the below issues may not be experienced when using MOSFETs?
a) Weak avalanche
b) Velocity saturation
c) Punch-through
d) All of the mentioned

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