The Common Collector Configuration MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “The Common Collector Configuration”.

1. The relation between α and β is given by _________
a) 1/(1-α)=1- β
b) 1/(1+α)=1+ β
c) 1/(1-α)=1+ β
d) 1/(1+α)=1- β

2. The CC configuration has an input resistance_________
a) 500kΩ
b) 750kΩ
c) 600kΩ
d) 400kΩ

3. The current amplification factor ϒdc is given by_________
a) IE/IB
b) IB/IE
c) IC/IE
d) IE/IC

4. The application of a CC configured transistor is_________
a) voltage multiplier
b) level shifter
c) rectification
d) impedance matching

5. Increase in collector emitter voltage from 5V to 8V causes increase in collector current from 5mA to 5.3mA. Determine the dynamic output resistance.
a) 20kΩ
b) 10kΩ
c) 50kΩ
d) 60kΩ

6. The point on the DC load line which is represented by ‘Q’ is called _________
a) cut off point
b) cut in point
c) breakdown point
d) operating point

7. What is the output resistance of CC transistor?
a) 25 Ω
b) 50 Ω
c) 100 Ω
d) 150 Ω

8. A change in 300mV in base emitter voltage causes a change of 100µA in the base current. Determine the dynamic input resistance.
a) 20kΩ
b) 10kΩ
c) 30kΩ
d) 60kΩ

9. When is the transistor said to be saturated?
a) when VCE is very low
b) when VCE is very high
c) when VBE is very low
d) when VBE is very high

10. The input resistance is given by _________
a) ∆VCE/∆IB
b) ∆VBE/∆IB
c) ∆VBE/∆IC
d) ∆VBE/∆IE

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