The Common Emitter Configuration MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “The Common Emitter Configuration”.

1. In an NPN silicon transistor, α=0.995, IE=10mA and leakage current ICBO=0.5µA. Determine ICEO.
a) 10µA
b) 100µA
c) 90µA
d) 500µA

2. A germanium transistor with α=0.98 gives a reverse saturation current ICBO=10µA in a CB configuration. When it is used in CE configuration with a base current of 0.22µA, calculate the collector current.
a) 0.9867mA
b) 0.7654mA
c) 0.51078mA
d) 0.23456mA

3. The base current amplification factor β is given by_________
a) IC/IB
b) IB/IC
c) IE/IB
d) IB/IE

4. In CE configuration, if the voltage drop across 5kΩ resistor connected in the collector circuit is 5V. Find the value of IB when β=50.
a) 0.01mA
b) 0.25mA
c) 0.03mA
d) 0.02mA

5. The collector supply voltage for a CE configured transistor is 10V. The resistance RL=800Ω. The voltage drop across RL is 0.8V. Find the value of collector emitter voltage.
a) 3.7V
b) 9.2V
c) 6.5V
d) 9.8V

6. In ICEO, wt does the subscript ‘CEO’ mean?
a) collector to base emitter open
b) emitter to base collector open
c) collector to emitter base open
d) emitter to collector base open

7. A transistor is connected in CE configuration. Collector supply voltage Vcc=10V, RL=800Ω, voltage drop across RL=0.8V, α=0.96. What is base current?
a) 41.97µA
b) 56.78µA
c) 67.67µA
d) 78.54µA

8. The relation between α and β is_________
a) β = α/ (1-α)
b) α = β/(1+β)
c) β = α/ (1+α)
d) α = β/(1- β)

9. When the signal is applied, the ratio of change of collector current to the ratio of change of base current is called_________
a) dc current gain
b) base current amplification factor
c) emitter current amplification factor
d) ac current gain

10. The range of β is _________
a) 20 to 500
b) 50 to 300
c) 30 to 400
d) 10 to 20

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