The Inverting and Non-Inverting Amplifier Circuit MCQ’s

This set of Electric Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “The Inverting and Non-Inverting Amplifier Circuit”.

1. In an Inverting Amplifier circuit, the output voltage vo is expressed as a function of ____________
a) Input current
b) Output current
c) Source voltage
d) Source current

2. The other name for Gain is ____________
a) Scaling factor
b) Output
c) Amplifying factor
d) Scaling level

3. The opamp in the Inverting circuit is in __________
a) Linear region
b) Saturation
c) Cut-off region
d) Non-linear region

4. If VCC = 12V and vs=1mV, then Rf/Rs is _____________
a) >12000
b) <12000
c) 12000
d) 1

5. The circuits of an inverting and Non-Inverting amplifying comprises of __________ and _______ number of resistors.
a) 3, 2
b) 2, 3
c) 2, 2
d) 3, 3

6. If Rs= 3Ω, Rf= 6Ω then the relation between vo and vg in case of a Non-Inverting amplifying circuit.
a) vo= 9vg
b) vo= 6vg
c) vo= 3vg
d) vo= vg

7. In the expression vo= -Avn, A is called ______________
a) Closed loop gain
b) Closed loop fault
c) Open loop fault
d) Open loop gain

8. The condition for a Non-inverting amplifying circuit to operate in linear region operation _____________
a) (Rs+Rf)/Rs < │VCC/vg
b) (Rs+Rf)/Rs ≠ │VCC/vg
c) (Rs+Rf)/Rs > │VCC/vg
d) (Rs+Rf)/Rs = │VCC/vg

9. If Rs= 5Ω, Rf= 25Ω and -2.5V ≤ vg ≤ 2.5V. What are the smallest power supply voltages that could be applied and still have opamp in linear region?
a) ±9V
b) ±2.5V
c) ±6V
d) ±15V

10. If the gain of an inverting amplifying circuit is 13 and ±22V power supplies are used. What range of input values allows the opamp to be in linear region?
a) ±1.69
b) ±1.35V
c) ±2.28
d) ±0.5

11. In R1=10kΩ, Rf=100kΩ, v1=1V. A load of 25kΩ is connected to the output terminal. Calculate i1 and vo.


a) 0.5mA, 10V
b) 0.1mA, 10V
c) 0.1mA, -10V
d) 0.5mA, -10V

12. If an inverting amplifying circuit has a gain of 10 and ±15V power supplies are used. The values of input for which opamp would be in the linear region?
a) ±1.25
b) ±1.5V
c) ±2.25
d) ±0.5

13. The input applied to an Inverting amplifier is ______________
a) Equal to output
b) Equal to Inverted output
c) Not equal to output
d) Output is equal to input

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