The Optical Transmitter Circuit MCQ’s

This set of Optical Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “The Optical Transmitter Circuit”.

1. Coherent radiation is relatively __________
a) Parabolic
b) Elliptic
c) Directional
d) Rectangular

2. _____________ are capable of launching powers between 0.5 and several mW.
a) LED’s
b) Injection laser
c) Attenuator
d) Reflector

3. _____________ must be operated in stimulated emission region.
a) Injection laser
b) LED’s
c) Detector
d) Receiver

4. LED’s display good linearity.
a) True
b) False

5. Optical output power from an LED is directly proportional to the device junction temperature.
a) False
b) True

6. The _________ of the LED is twice that of the effective minority carrier lifetime.
a) Dwell time
b) Reflection scatters
c) Sensitivity
d) Rise time

7. The use of low impedance driving circuit may increase _____________
a) Noise
b) Width
c) Intensity
d) Switching speed

8. Which behaviour may prove as a limitation for injection lasers and LED’s?
a) Isotropic
b) Radioactive
c) Thermal
d) Photosensitive

9. _____________ from the LED is dependent on the effective minority carrier lifetime in the semiconductor material.
a) Spontaneous emission
b) Stimulated emission
c) Absorption
d) Diffusion

10. The finite spectral width of the optical source causes ___________
a) Depletion
b) Frequency burst
c) Pulse broadening
d) Efficient reflection

11. Extinction ratio is denoted by symbol __________
a) ε
b) σ
c) β
d) ρ

12. The coherent emission from an injection laser has a line width of ________
a) 2 nm
b) 3nm
c) 8 nm
d) 1nm

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