Threshold Effect in FM MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Threshold Effect in FM”.

1. Cosmic noise is caused by ________
a) Distant stars
b) Lightning discharge
c) Solar eruptions
d) Disturbances in the atmosphere

2. Which of the following filter is used only at higher frequencies?
a) Ladder
b) Crystal Gate
c) Half Lattice
d) Full Lattice

3. Which statement is true about thermal noise power?
a) it is proportional to B
b) it is proportional to √B
c) it is proportional to B2
d) it is proportional to √B2

4. Sampling theorem finds application in ________
a) FM
b) PCM
c) AM
d) PM

5. The ionosphere consists of __________ layer.
a) negative charge
b) positive charge
c) no charge
d) neutral

6. Which system is free from noise?
a) FM
b) AM
c) PCM
d) PM

7. The channel capacity is exactly equal to which of the following?
a) Bandwidth
b) Noise rate
c) Amount of information per second
d) Entropy

8. The noise performance of a square law demodulator of AM signal is ___________
a) Identical with that of a synchronous detector
b) Better than that of an envelope detector
c) Better than that of a synchronous detector
d) Poorer than that of an envelope detector

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