Time Division Multiplexing MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Time Division Multiplexing”.

1. What is the other name for half-wave dipole antenna?
a) Helical antenna
b) Isotropic antenna
c) Hertz antenna
d) Maxwell antenna

2. Measured on the ground, the field strength of a horizontally polarized half wave dipole antenna is strongest ________
a) in one direction
b) in two directions
c) depends on the number of elements
d) depends on the shape of antenna

3. The real part of an antenna’s input impedance is due to ________
a) SWR
b) radiated signal
c) reflected signal
d) refracted signal

4. When an antenna radiates more energy in one direction than in other directions, it is called ________
a) selectivity
b) directivity
c) active antenna
d) resonance

5. “Ground Effect” in antenna caused by ________
a) faulty connection of the feed cable ground
b) fading
c) buildings and other structures on ground
d) radio signals reflecting off the ground

6. What is the input impedance to a lossless antenna, at resonance?
a) infinite
b) 0
c) resistive
d) capacitive

7. What is the full form of ERP?
a) Effective Radiated Power
b) Effective Reflected Power
c) Equivalent Radiated Power
d) Equivalent Reflected Power

8. The polarization of plane waves received from satellite is changed by ________
a) Faraday rotation
b) Gamma rays
c) Helical rotation
d) Distance travelled

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