Top SEO Content Writer Interview Questions and Answers

Looking for becoming an SEO Content Writer. These SEO Content Writing Interview Questions Answers will definitely help you. I hope you will get the benefit by reading this Blog Article.

If we look at the pattern of Content Writer Interview Questions, we can see that content writers are being hired by a variety of industries these days, including educational, medical, technical, pharmacy, entertainment, and so on.

The level of the interview varies by organization, and the questions and rounds are determined by the company for which you are being interviewed.

If a candidate is being interviewed by a major MNC (Multinational Corporation) such as Oracle, Accenture, Infosys, or KPMG, be aware that you will be required to go through multiple rounds in order to be considered for employment.

Typically, these organizations conduct 4-5 rounds of interviews, which take about 4-5 days to complete.

Companies assess a variety of skills in candidates, including interest in writing, grammar knowledge, domain expertise, working experience, company knowledge, proofreading, and, of course, communication skills.

They offer good packages so they need to select the best talent.

If you’re interviewing with a small business or a growing company, the questions and rounds will be a little easier.

They usually conduct 2-3 rounds of interviews in a matter of days and announce the results on the spot or within a day. All types of interviews are typically conducted face to face or over the phone with the company’s HR department.

Content writers should have a strong introduction and resume ready to go. This is a growing industry, and students can take advantage of it by using their writing skills and creative thinking.

Today, content writing is a popular career choice and a fascinating job. If you want to face Content Writer Interview Questions, you’ll need to be perfect in your responses to HR’s questions. Before attending an interview, you should read the following list of questions and answers.

Question 1. What Is The Difference Between A Copywriter And A SEO Content Writer?

Many web content writers are also copywriters. However, not all copywriters write web content. Web content writers specialize in writing to the very specific format of the web medium, which is unlike the marketing and copywriting formats for broadcast or print mediums.

Question 2. What You Know About The Signs Of Good SEO Writing?

SEO writing has to be informative and interesting to the visitors. It should also subscribe to certain norms that make it favorable for indexing by search engine crawlers. It is important that the writing is not artificial or contrived and stuffed with keywords that do not flow with the text. SEO Content Copywriting specialists keep the overall theme of the website and the particular page in mind and maintain a balance between the two. Good copy is the highway to high SERPs.

Question 3. Tell Me How Does SEO Content Writing Help A Website?

Good SEO Copywriting raises the rank of the site in the search engine results as it complies with the algorithms that make it attractive to crawlers.

Question 4. What Makes SEO Content Writing Differ From Other Writing?

SEO Content writing is a specialized art and its techniques differ from copywriting used for other media like print, billboard, TV etc. The contents have to be planned and structured with certain requirements in mind so that major search engines can find and list the pages of the website.

Question 5. How Do You Apply SEO Best Practices To Your Writing?

Use of SEO best practices is vital if you want your company’s content to be found online, so you want to hire a content marketing writer who understands and knows how to do SEO and do it well.

Question 6. What is Keyword Research?

A keyword is basically a context of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). Keywords are used to define the content which is on the web page. For example:- best interview questions, content writing questions, content writer interview questions are a keyword. When we want to search anything on google, then we put keywords on the google search to get similar content.

Keyword research is a search of those keywords which people enter into the search engine to get a good ranking in the search engines.

Question 7. How to write a good Blog Article?

Here are some of the tips which I have used to write a good blog article –

  • Have a catchy title and an impressive opening paragraph:- Title and the opening paragraph sets the tone of the entire blog. Title and opening para must be in such a way that the reader is excited to read the whole blog right away and also share it.
  • Write a bog for a particular audience:- Before writing a blog the writer must finalize the target audience and then only start writing the blog
  • Optimize your blog for search:- The blog post must follow the SEO rules such as keyword density, use of targeted keywords in the sentences and many more.
  • End with an Action:- End the blog by writing something which will put the reader in action.

Question 8. What is the difference between Blog Post and Article?

Blog PostArticle
Blogs are based on our opinion.Articles are not based on our opinion.
Keywords play an important role.Keywords do not play an important role.
The length of the blog post can be short.The length of the article is long
The Writing style is CasualThe Writing style is sophisticated

Question 9. What are the important steps while doing SEO Content Writing?

Before starting a content writing some practices has to be done are:-
  • Start a habit of researching: The secret to writing good content is research. Researching makes the new ideas flowing in mind and always write the key pointers.
  • Looking into what kind of writing style you have: You can get trained by going through the writing style of the different writer but do not try to copy some other writing style.
  • Daily content writing practice: This will train the upcoming writer in how to get stick to a topic rather than strolling into a different matter.
  • USP of the Content: 99.9% the topics which the writers get to write already posted by someone else also some days or some hours back so what’s important is the view of the writer.
  • Social Media: In today’s world, social media platform like Instagram and Facebook is the place where you get to know what happens in the world.
  • Catchy Headline: Start having a practice of creating catchy headlines and choosing some unique photograph.

Question 10. Which tools you use in SEO Content Writing?

There are many tools available in the market. But I personally use premium Grammarly for proper Grammar Checking, WordAI, Quillbot, Copyscape in the case of Spinning and Moz, Google Keyword Planner for Keywords Research. I also use SEO tools by Mastertoolz like Plagarism Detector, Words Count, and more.

Some of the content development tools which I am familiar with are –

  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator -This tool helps the content writer to create catchy headlines which give new limelight to the content.
  • Google Trends – it provides the writer with an idea about the latest trends of the topic. The writer can also filter his or her searches for a specific industry.
  • Copyscape – Writers use Copyscape to check plagiarism.
  • Canva – Canva is used by the writer to create the images related to the topic and also for creating infographics.

Question 11. Which are some proofreading techniques?

Some of the proofreading techniques that worked for me are –

  • It is a better practice to take a print out and do the proofreading rather than on a laptop and then read out loud so that ears can hear what the writer is speaking.
  • Punctuation mistakes are the most common mistakes. Checking the punctuation is essential
  • One practice which I do is read backward once.
  • Cross-checking the number in the article.

Question 12. How to make your content SEO friendly? or What are your personal strategies to write good SEO Content?

  • Optimize the headline of the topic focus on the content structure.
  • Use relevant keywords in the article.
  • The readability analysis of the content must be functional like the placement of transition words, length of the sentence, number of times passive voice is used and many more.
  • Include the external and internal links in the article.
  • There has to be no error in error in the content.
  • Content must be plagiarism free.

Question 13. How you check the results of your SEO Content writing?

I take the following actions to check the performance of my content –
  • I check Google Analytics after some days to examine the number of page views.
  • I search on the google search engine with the keywords which I have added for optimization and analyze if it ranks on page 1 or not.
  • I check on Facebook that how many have shared my article.
  • I check the twitter counter to check the number of tweets cite this post.

Question 14. How do you integrate SEO into your Content?

There are five ways to integrate SEO into the content –
  • Recognize the target Keywords:- Choosing the right keyword is very important because the keywords also determine the ranking.
  • Appropriate length of the article:- Too much long material also impact the SEO ranking. For a blog post, 500 words are sufficient
  • Share the content:- When the content is shared on other websites and social media platforms which is Facebook and Instagram then its SEO ranking is improved
  • Focus on the niche now:- It is essential to get to know the niche which interests you.
  • Concentrate on Theme:- Inserting the keyword in the article for SEO is now an old concept. Now the top priority is the content quality and the consistent theme.

Question 15. How would you ensure the credibility of the content you will publish?

So, I would gather the data from genuine sources like journals, published research, magazines, and books which can help me to achieve the goals and meet the expectations of the company.

Question 16. What do you know about the content management system?

I understand, as a content writer, good writing skills and creativity are paramount.

I am well aware and familiar with content management systems like WordPress, Joomla as I have used these for various content management activities. Based on my experience, I find these very useful for writing.

Question 17. How to examine the performance of content?

The definition of successful content differs from organization to organization. It varies depending upon the factors like target audience marketing strategies and objectives.

However, there are some ways to do analysis and judge the performance of online content

• Traffic: users like no. of visitors on the page and page views which means that no. of times visitors view your page.
• Engagement: how many have liked, commented, and shared that page.
• Search engine optimization: how many people view that by searching on search engines.
• Conversions: how many people are clicking the link and reading more.

Question 18. How do you manage the deadlines?

Managing deadlines In all organizations is always challenging. Punctuality in every aspect plays a vital role.

It doesn’t matter how good and creative you are at writing, but completing the project and work within the stipulated time is extremely important. Indeed, the content writer should also be ready to meet emergency deadlines.

I m always careful and punctual in my work. I like to work regularly and systematically from the very first day.

Along with that, I believe in maintaining a proper schedule according to priorities to carry the work smoothly. In case of emergency, I never mind in rolling up my sleeves to work hard as this hard work can achieve the objectives set by the organization.

Question 19. What is the way to use keywords in writing to impact the audience?

Keywords need to be effective while writing. A content writer needs to use the right keywords at the right place and in the right frequencies.

So, I keep in mind all the keywords bring used while writing and practice this from the sample to use it in the right way.

Apart from this, I also use the most popular tools for keywords research like Google AdWords, KWfinder.

Question 20. How do you approach a new project?

Content writer interview always includes such questions to know about your writing content strategy. All want to hire a systematic worker who can plan and write in a proper sequence.

As I will be assigned a writing project, first I will conduct keywords research with different tools to use the right keywords and then decide the target audience and tone of the article.

After these basic steps, the point comes from the collection of authentic data and information. I would collect information from various sources like the internet, library books, movies, newspapers, documentaries, and journals.

After this, I would start writing the article with my best efforts by using information and images. As my write-up gets complete, I will run them through various checking software to make it worth it.

I will use Grammarly for grammar checking and then I will use plagiarism checking software like Copyscape to check plagiarism percentage. If both of this software give good results, then I will go further to submit the article.

Question 21. What major difference do you find between a content and a copy?

Content is an article that is published in a general way and completely unbias. They do not directly promote the business or product of the firm but provide complete information.A copy is different than this and directly related to the marketing concept and promotes the business and product in the best way. So, both are important for meeting the expectations of business and making long-lasting impacts.

Question 22. How do you carry with the proofreading process?

Proofreading is of prime importance while publishing content in different forms. There are various steps to be followed for the proofreading process

• Read the content loudly and carefully
• Focus on the keywords.
• Read the entire page twice and all the paragraphs.
• Check the spellings.
• Will focus on the content structure of the entire page.
• Keep the hard of the page to match with the soft copies content.
• Rectify grammatical errors.

Question 23. Which format of writing do you prefer the most?

Every writer has his/ her preferences and interests. So different writers choose different styles of writing. I like to be creative and always keen to explore something new in my writing skills and prefer to write in a new format.

I follow the freestyle writing pattern. This is the most comfortable pattern to me along with all the components of the basic structure. So, I write in the pattern according to situations and target audience.

Question 24. How do you make the content reader-friendly and distinguished?

Good content has many elements. While writing up, we need to consider various factors by catering to the needs of the reader and writing in an impressive way. It must be engaging and useful for readers with proper information, images, and infographics.

Question 25. How can the content be made SEO friendly?

Search Engine Optimization is a very important technique of content writing to rank the content on the top. So it can be made friends with various ways

• Plagiarism should be nil or below 10%
• No grammatical errors or any other mistakes.
• External and internal links must be embraced for engagement and increasing web traffic.
• Exact use of keywords and key phrases with the help of research tools.
• Content must cater to the needs of the reader.

Its always recommended that for a content writer interview, you must give answers that should be given properly and honestly.

The above-mentioned topics and questions are a significant part of the content writing job, so they must be prepared well and presented beautifully while facing Content Writer Interview Questions.

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