Tranconductance Amplifiers MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Tranconductance Amplifiers”.

1. The transconductance of a JFET ranges from ____________
a) 100 to 500 mA/V
b) 500 to 1000 mA/V
c) 0.5 to 30 mA/V
d) above 1000 mA/V

2. The constant-current region of a JFET lies between__________
a) Cut off and saturation
b) Cut off and pinch off
c) 0 and IDSS
d) Cut off and breakdown

3. A transconductance amplifier is also called ___________
a) current to voltage convertor
b) voltage to current convertor
c) resistor
d) inductor

4. The source terminal of a JEFT corresponds to ____________ of a vacuum tube
a) plate
b) cathode
c) grid
d) anode

5. If the cross-sectional area of the channel in n-channel JFET increases, the drain current__________
a) is increased
b) is decreased
c) remains the same
d) decreases exponentially then increase

6. A certain common-source JFET has a voltage gain of 10. If the source bypass capacitor is removed, _____________
a) the voltage gain will increase
b) transconductance will increase
c) voltage gain will decrease
d) the Q-point will shift

7. The output characteristics of a JFET closely resemble the output characteristics of a __________ Valve
a) diode
b) pentode
c) triode
d) tetrode

8. The channel of a JFET is between the ________
a) gate and drain
b) gate and source
c) drain and source
d) input and output

9. At cut-off, the JFET channel is ___________
a) at its widest point
b) completely closed by the depletion region
c) extremely narrow
d) reverse baised

10. MOSFET from a JFET differs mainly because _____________
a) of power rating
b) of the output
c) the JFET has a pn junction
d) the MOSFET has two gates

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